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How much is too much? “for shoes”?

April 14th, 2014

Question by xvireroca: How much is too much? “for shoes”?
I have to confess that ever since last year I’ve had a healthy appetite for fancy shoes (the 06 fall collection of mens D.Squared2). I think I’ve racked up a nice $ 1000 and so bill in shoes in about 5 pairs(Jordan XX’s, Ecco, L.A.M.B royalelastic, D.Squared2, COACH). How much would you limit yourself for traveling in style and comfort? I’ve been monitor shoppin for this one pair of gucc, luckily I cant find them anymore anywhere, but I ran into this other pair, and also I really need at least a pair for a trip I’m taking out east, something in the Puma or royalelastic line.

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12 Responses to “How much is too much? “for shoes”?”

  1. mocha says:

    you know if your over doing it

  2. ash_2422 says:

    It depends on your financial situation and your budget…too much is when it’s more than you know you can afford

  3. Tori M says:


  4. mrmann803 says:

    you get what you pay for, my dad has spent more than $ 700.00 on a pair of dress shoes.

  5. Justin T says:

    i’ve spent almost $ 3000 on sneakers in the past year.
    too much for me is in the Thousands, i don’t have a problem buying a $ 200 shoe

  6. Noah B says:

    i personally try to stay below 400 dollars per pair of shoes. I also don’t have that many shoes though. Don’t buy shoes just to have shoes, just get as many as you need. 3-5 pairs of sneakers will do you more than enough, seeing as you seem to predominantly be purchasing sportswear. currently drivers are very “in.” i would steer you to tod’s and ferregamo.

  7. aidarapr says:

    the budget thing its obvious if you R going broke cause you r buying so much shoes then yeah you have to stop but if you can do it go ahead I have defenetly payed more than $ 100 on shoes and man shoes R twise as expensive. I do recomend not having more than 3 or 2 shoes per ocattion if you use a lot of sneakers buy all u want 5,6,7 whatever. but dont buy shoes for every time you go out thats just obsesive and please dont get to the point where you buy the shoes and then the outfit when you’re gping out!!
    I hope you have great taste

  8. Jodie says:

    Strolling on the beach with a pair of comfortable flip flops or sandals: $ 29.90

    Walking through the street in your cool sneakers, making your way down to a rock concert: $ 59.90

    Rocking a job interview wearing a pair of black sleak leather shoes: >$ 99.90

    Comfort shoes designed to provide pain-relief, quality and comfort: priceless.

  9. tsunami says:

    Yeah, everyone is right. The limit is YOUR pocketbook. Anyone who has ever worn an uncomfortable pair will agree that comfort is priceless!

  10. u_better_remember_me says:

    If you can afford to splurge thats awesome. me personally wont pay more that a 100 dollars for shoes. If they for me i wont spend more than 60. “i am in a budget” However I have spent like 150 on my husband’s shoes.

  11. I Love Juicy Couture says:

    I think $ 300 is a good price for nice shoes. Just don’t pay $ 300 for ugly ones that are going to fall apart after wearing them one time. But if they’re good quality and awesome $ 300 is a good price.

  12. treys girl says:

    the most expensive pair of shoes i bought were a 100 bucks
    Nike Shox (the one with the 5 shoxs not 4) that is the most i will spend on shoes period. i dont see payin that much for a pair of shoes 100 bucks is the max and i only bought them bc i had to stand on my feet for long periods of time at my old job

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